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Prayers Gadget

Islamic Prayer Times for PCs with Microsoft Windows 8 /
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Prayers Gadget

Islamic prayer times, remaining time to next prayer, Iqama time, Qibla direction, Hijri calendar, periodic Tasbeeh, Azkar, Islamic events, Azan at each prayer time, along with a customizable reminder before and after Azan.

Please select the appropraite version of Prayers Gadget for your platform:

The prayer time calculator is highly configurable allowing for multiple calculation methods, along with the possibility of fine tuning individual prayer times. A unique feature of Prayers Gadget is that it can accept a prepared prayer timetable (and optionally iqama times) from a CSV file. This means you can set the prayer times to EXACTLY match those of your city or local Islamic center.

In addition, the prayer times are displayed in different views to suite everyone's taste. The calendar can be switched between Hijri and Gregorian modes. The Desktop version is resizable, and the Phone version of Prayers Gadget is designed so you can use it either as a regular App, or you can put your Phone or Tablet on a stand in your home/office/local mosque to display prayer times and play Azan.

You can detect your location automatically, or select it manually from an offline database of around 2400 cities worldwide.

You can tweak the Gadget settings from the Options tab (in the Windows version) or going to the Settings page (in the Desktop and Phone versions). For more information after installation, see the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.

Please make Duaa. For feedback and comments, you can email me at: prayersgadget@outlook.com.

Please Note

Even though the Gadget gives accurate prayer times, elevation of a particular city and variations in latitude and longitude settings might change the prayer times slightly. Give yourself a 10 to 15 minutes grace period at each prayer time based on your city.

The start of each Hijri month is dependent on moon sighting, which cannot always be predicted correctly based on Astronomy. If the Hijri calendar does not fit the moon sighting in your country, you can adjust it from the Options | Adjust tab (in Windows) and from the Settings page (in the phone App).

There are several methods to calculate the Qibla direction. The one used here is the Great Circle Bearing method.

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